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Artistes’ Medical Welfare Scheme: While Music could be backed by regular employment for some, it could be the only bread earning profession to many other artists. Those who have regular employment are better placed as regards their financial disposition. Professional musicians who have taken up music to earn their livelihood may not be well off financially at all times owing to uncertain income pattern. Unforeseen medical expenses could pose a big challenge. Kalashrithakalpaka is designed to extend financial assistance for the emergency medical expenses to such musicians in need. Contribution of the Musician to this art will also be a factor while considering for this assistance. The trust mobilizes the required fund by donations, organizing benefit concerts, sale of publications & CDs etc.

During the Covid pandemic crisis in 2020 , many of the professional musicians were unable to fulfill the basic necessities which was a major problem to them and their respective families. By the grace of God, SLCM could be of little help to a few artists with donations received from many connoisseurs of music and musicians. Close to Rupees Nine lakhs were distributed from the donations received. We are extremely grateful for all the donors.

In March 2020, when the lockdown came into effect I never anticipated that the situation would go this bad.

As I was getting a pinch of it, with all my concerts slowly getting cancelled, my student Phanindra Bhaskar (Mridanga & Ghata Artist) offered Suswaralaya College Of Music Rupees forty five thousand to be used to support any musician who was in need. I was very happy and immediately disbursed the amount to the deserving. Soon  after, my sister H S Jayanthi offered rupees ten thousand, my friend Pattabhirama Pandit (Vocal Artist) offered rupees thirty thousand & my Student Ashoks (Mridangam & Vocal Artist) mother donated twenty thousand for the same purpose. The funds were distributed to some musicians in dire need.

After doing this, I saw many organisations and few individuals lending a helping hand.  I felt miserable that we could not help beyond this. I never asked anyone in any manner to extend a helping hand as the situation was more or less the same to all. Suddenly I received a call from my student M B Krishnan (Mridangam)(USA). He said he was interested in helping the artists. Amazingly he offered Five lakh Rupees to our trust. I was extremely happy to do this and was able to execute this with the help of M B Hariharan and his mother Smt.Meenakshi.

The toughest part was identifying the deserving people. Most musicians would not want to disclose their situation and it is delicate to even broach the subject. I include people from all walks of life not restricting it to only Karnatak musicians. However my close  association with the artists helped me get over this. Also              Dr. T S Sathyavathi, Sri. Ananya Raghavendra & Sri Annor Ananthakrishna Sharma helped me in this endeavor.

At this point of time I felt a bit relaxed as we could be of a little help to the society.

Beyond this my student Shubha Santosh(Veena) offered and helped the society with rupees thirty thousand apart from other offerings in individual capacities. My friend Vishwajith(Violin) has also offered help.

I am really overwhelmed by two things. One that even without me asking anyone to extend a helping hand ,they themselves came forward to do the needful in the situation. Secondly, I am happy that many of my students have a very noble heart who have acted perfectly at the need of the hour and contributed to more than Five lakh rupees in total. Above all these, some of my students are doing such services in their individual capacities too. Kudos to them too. I am happy that our college was able to help at least a few people to wipe off their tears. 

                                                I thank all the above donor’s kind gesture and specially bless my students for their humane actions . 
                                                                     All these have been possible only because of the blessings of my gurus. 



Last year in March 2020, when the lockdown came into effect I never anticipated that the situation would go bad. Now in 2021, never knew of a second wave till recently. 

However 2021, the Pandemic second wave has become even more disastrous for artists. At least a small amount of savings came to the rescue of few musicians and this year it has been completely exhausted. The artists belong to unorganised sector and the government does not heed any attention towards this. They give the artists peanuts, that too after making them waiting for long.

Paying the monthly rent, EMI, buying food items, electricity bill, water bill, School fee and many others have become a nightmare for the musicians. 

This year too we intend to help the artists. We have received donations. My student Sri.Ganesh Sundareshan (Florida) has contributed Rs.36000/- and Smt. Vasanti Iyer (USA, my student Rishis mother) has contributed Rs.36000/-. From Bangalore, I am receiving the contribution shortly.

Please provide us with your Name, Address, Contact, Email, and your PAN number (for official purpose only) along with the payment details.


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(Donations are exempt from Income Tax u/s – 80G of IT Act)