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Suswaralaya College of Music Trust ® – a public charitable trust has emerged as a confluence of a few committed artists and connoisseurs for the cause and development of Indian Performing Arts. Established in the year 1999 by Vidwan H S Sudhindra with unwavering moral support from Vidwan Balu Raguraman, Suswaralaya College Of Music has been involved in imparting Karnatak Music education to many young, talented & aspiring students. The objectives of the trust are Promotion of Arts, imparting music education and Artistes’ Medical Welfare Scheme “Kalashrithakalpaka”( A scheme wherein a fund is being set up as an emergency medical aid for professional Karnatak musicians of Karnataka.)

Suswaralaya College of Music apart from providing ample guidance to many upcoming & talented young musicians also organizes interesting & educative concerts. It imparts education in the field of Karnatak (Classical) Music. The students are trained meticulously on all the factors that constitute a successful concert like effective Raga-Aalapana, Neraval & Swara-Prastaram. Special emphasis is given to Sahitya & Laya Gnyanam. The confluence of all these factors, we strongly believe, results in a successful & enjoyable concert. Modern educational tools like Audio-Video cassettes, CDs and books are made available for the benefit of our students.

Mock performances, seminars, workshops & discussions are conducted with specific themes to encourage active participation & involvement of students. Many students of our college are performing artists and recipients of prestigious scholarships (both vocal and instrumental) from both state and central government while some are graded artists of All India Radio. The students are also promoted without compromising the quality.

Kalashrithakalpaka: Artistes’ Medical Welfare Scheme: While Music could be backed by regular employment for some, it could be the only bread earning profession to many other artists. Those who have regular employment are better placed as regards their financial disposition. Professional musicians who have taken up music to earn their livelihood may not be well off financially at all times owing to uncertain income pattern. Unforeseen medical expenses could pose a big challenge. Kalashrithakalpaka is designed to extend financial assistance for the emergency medical expenses to such musicians in need. Contribution of the Musician to this art will also be a factor while considering for this assistance. The trust mobilizes the required fund by donations, organizing benefit concerts, sale of publications & CDs etc.

During the Covid pandemic crisis in 2020 , many of the professional musicians were unable to fulfill the basic necessities which was a major problem to them and their respective families. By the grace of God, SLCM could be of little help to a few artists with donations received from many connoisseurs of music and musicians. Close to Rupees Nine lakhs were distributed from the donations received. We are extremely grateful for all the donors.

Ever since its inception in the year 1999 the trust has strived to create a positive impact in the field of performing arts by organizing music concerts, guiding upcoming students, conducting music workshops, releasing audio CDs and publishing books. It has been nurturing young talents not only by teaching but also by supervising and honing their musical talents.

The college conducts an annual music festival during which a senior musician is honored with a cash prize and bestowed with the title “SWARALAYASHRUNGA”. From 2019 the trust also awards the title “SWARALAYARATHNA” in memory of Vidushi.Bangalore Nagarathnamma. “SWARALAYARATHNA” has been instituted by Vidushi.Smt.Padma Gurudutt. “SWARALAYASHRUNGA” is being sponsored by Sri K Nagendra & Smt M R Vijayalakshmi since 2011.

The college has published books such as “Planet Prayers”, “The Directory of Karnatak Musicians of Karnataka (9 Editions)” & Telephone Directory of Karnatak Musicians of Karnataka (2 Editions). “Siddhi Vinayakam Sada Bhaje Ham ”, “Ugabhogadarpana” (both in Kannada & English), Haridasara Mundigegalu (with CD), Purandara Dasara Navaratna Malike (with cd) and has also released cassettes /CD’s/DVD’s like Sushiraswana, Haridasara Sanga, Madhura Smrithi, Varnams on Violin, Shree Krishnamrutam, The Divine Strings, The Piligrimage, Tatvamrutam, Vagdevi Vandana, Waves of Melody, Swararagasudha, Vaggeya Vaibhava1-4, Abhayamba Vibhakthi Krithis , Thyagaraja Vaibhavam, Thurya Ninaada, Veena Kampana, Gowrimanohara, Layavarshini, Naada Laya Vaibhava, Navarathna Krithis, Mundiges of Haridasas & DVD titled Sooladi-s. “THE DIRECTORY OF KARNATAK MUSICIANS OF KARNATAKA” has been a remarkable Herculean venture undertaken by the Principal of the college Vidwan H S Sudhindra and his disciples.


Programs Held During The Year By Suswaralaya College Of Music


In Association with Sri Rama Bhakta Sabha, we conduct two programmes exclusively for youngsters during Sriramanavami, commenced in 2019.

Navaratri Celebrations

In Association with Uma Maheshwara Temple (K R Road) since 2007.

Sangeetha Pitamaha Saint Purandaradasa Day

Suswaralaya College Of Music ® has been celebrating Saint Purandaradasa Day. Suswaralaya College of Music ® with Kanchana Sri Lakshminarayana Music Academy Trust has been celebrating an all night Saint Purandaradasa Krithis program on the occasion of Sangeetha Pitamaha Purandaradasa day, since 2013. We aim at inculcating the rich contribution of the saint more in youngsters on this occasion

Quarterly Concerts

In Association with Nadasurabhi & Vishista Banashankari Fine Arts.

Annual Festival

Held in the month of October-November

Saint Raghavendraswami Aradhana

In Association with Tulsimutt, we conduct three day classical programs, during the aradhana, commenced in 2019.

Saint Thyagaraja Day

Suswaralaya College Of Music ® has been celebrating Saint Thyagaraja day.

Yuva Chetana

A Youth Festival once in four years.