News 3

August 3, 2021

Suswaralaya College of Music Trust ® – a public charitable trust has emerged as a confluence of a few committed artists and connoisseurs for the cause and development of Indian Performing Arts. Established in the year 1999 by Vidwan H S Sudhindra with unwavering moral support from Vidwan Balu Raguraman, Suswaralaya College Of Music has been involved in imparting Karnatak Music education to many young, talented & aspiring students. The objectives of the trust are Promotion of Arts, imparting music education and Artistes’ Medical Welfare Scheme “Kalashrithakalpaka”( A scheme wherein a fund is being set up as an emergency medical aid for professional Karnatak musicians of Karnataka.)

Suswaralaya College of Music apart from providing ample guidance to many upcoming & talented young musicians also organizes interesting & educative concerts. It imparts education in the field of Karnatak (Classical) Music. The students are trained meticulously on all the factors that constitute a successful concert like effective Raga-Aalapana, Neraval & Swara-Prastaram. Special emphasis is given to Sahitya & Laya Gnyanam.

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